Editorial Statements

          We salute those scholars whose passion is to explore the unknown and help humanity to understand its roots, its present and its future. We empathize with those scholars who put this passion for discovery ahead of the normal social existence thereby sacrificing their normal life for this persistent desire for achieving greatness in their respective fields thereby enhancing the understanding of the world we live in.

          As seen in the history of science, sometimes light comes from darkest of places. Major breakthroughs have most of the times come from little known scholars who later on become icons of the scientific community. So we do not to judge the scholars by who they are but by what their research is. Sometimes we may fail to understand the importance of a research paper as has happened many times in the history of science. So we take every research paper very seriously no matter what our intelligence says about it based on our present knowledge.

             As you might have noticed, we place a lot of emphasis on the history of science. There is a reason for that. As with any science, medical and dental sciences are evolving as we speak. This evolution of sciences has a pattern which we want to understand. Also we stand to get a great deal of inspiration from the lives of great scientists in whose footsteps we are walking. We would like to tell our colleagues that their efforts will not go in vain. We pledge to bring their work to the attention of the world through our journal.

               Features of this journal-

1.   Acceptance rate is 60%.
2.   Average time between submission and final decision is 30 days.
3.   Average time between acceptance and publication is 15 days.
4.   Checking for plagiarism.
5.   Submission of ICMJE conflict of interest form is mandatory for all articles.
6.   Improved English language editing and content editing.
7.   Greater emphasis on references and citations to achieve uniformity throughout the journal.
8.   JEMDS is a member of COPE and follows COPE guidelines on all aspects of publication ethics.
9.   Covers all departments, both medical and dental.
10. Reliable and prompt reviewing as we use telephonic communication with reviewers in addition to       email communication.
11. JEMDS is open access and all content is available to end user without login.
12. Double Blind Peer Review.
13. Regular publication biweekly.
14. Bibliographic information-

          Online ISSN-2278-4802
          Print ISSN- 2278-4748

          JEMDS is Indexed/ Reviewed in the following resources-
. Thomson Reuters- Emerging Sources Citation Index
. Global Index Medicus
. Index Medicus for South-East Asia Region
. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)
. Index Copernicus (ICV- 63.31)
. Chemical Abstracts Service Databases (A division of American Chemical Society)
. Google scholar
. BIREME Virtual Health Library
. J-Gate
. Indian Science Abstracts
. Journal Seek Database
. CIRS (International Center for Scientific Research) databases

Date of Last Modification- 18th February 2016