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2019 Month : December Volume : 8 Issue : 48 Page : 3579-3582

Evaluation of Vascularity and Colour Doppler Blood Flow in Uterine Myometrium after Delivery.

Shideh Ariana1, Vajiheh Marsoosi2, Ashraf Jamal3, Mahsa Naemi4, Maryam Nurzade5, Maryam Maktabi6, Somayeh Khanjani7, Nasrin Mansouri8

Corresponding Author:
Shideh Ariana,
Tehran University of Medical Sciences,
Tehran, Iran.



The physiology of postpartum period is still unknown. The aim of performing this study was evaluation of vascularity and colour Doppler blood flow in uterine myometrium after delivery.


This cross-sectional study was con­ducted on 153 women undergoing caesarean section or vaginal delivery who were referred to the Shariati Hospital (Tehran-Iran) in 2018. All women underwent a transabdominal ultrasound examination the following day and one week after parturition. Six weeks later, the patients underwent transvaginal ultrasound. Enhanced myometrial vascularity is seen in ultrasound as a tubular echolucent view in the inner, middle, and outer region of the myometrium. Peak Systolic Velocity (PSV), Resistance Index (RI), and Pulsatility Index (PI) were calculated for hypervascular myometrial regions by Doppler. Endometrial thickness was measured, and the uterus was checked for presence or absence of pregnancy residue.


Mean age of participations was 30.43± 5.63 years. Nearly 80% of them had no history of abortion and delivery type in 110 (71%) was caesarean. In 105 (67.7%) cases, placental location was anterior. Uterine vascularity one day, one week and six weeks after delivery was significantly higher in women with placenta remnants (p<0.05). Means value for RI one and six weeks after delivery in women with posterior placenta location was significantly higher than other groups (p<0.05)


Our findings showed that placental remnants and endometrial thickness one day after delivery were in relation with uterine vascularity one day, one week and six weeks after delivery. In the present study, women with posterior placental location had higher resistance index than other groups


Vascularity, Doppler, Uterine Myometrium

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