The Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Dr. Niranjan.H.P., M.D.,
Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology,
JEMDS, #65, 1st Floor, Sahukar Chenniah Road,
Janathanagar, Mysore, Karnataka, India.


Associate Editor

Dr. Anil Kumar. M. R., M.D.,
Associate Professor,
Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care,
JSS Medical College & Hospital,
JSS Academy of Higher Education,
Mysore 570004.
ORCID -0000-0001-9465-8599


Statistical Editor and Ethics Manager

Dr Praveen Kulkarni,
Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine,
JSS Medical College, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research,
Mysore, Karnataka, India.
ORCID - 0000-0003-1134-4442

Scopus ID - 55795566900

Web of Science Researcher ID - ABI-7473-2020


International Advisory Board

Dr. Ullal Anand Nayak,
Associate Professor, Department of Preventive Dental Sciences,
Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies, Jeddah,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
ORCID -0000-0002-8447-6123

Scopus ID - 7005057957

WoS Researcher ID - J-6220-2017


Dr. Vijaya Marakala,
Assistant professor and Course Coordinator,
Biochemical and genetic basis of human body,
College of Medicine, University of Bisha,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
ORCID - 0000-0002-4360-044X

Scopus ID - 55806511300


Dr. Dennis, MDSc, Sp.KG,
Lecturer, Faculty of Dentistry,
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programme,
University of Sumatera Utara, Medan Indonesia.
ORCID - 0000-0003-1718-4363

Scopus ID - 57211356485

WoS Researcher ID - W-9591-2019


Dr Ali Golmoradizadeh Bs,DMD,MSc
Assistant professor, Department of Orthodontics,
College of Dentistry, Shariaari Haspital,
Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences,
Shahid Naser blvd, Bandarabbas, Iran.
ORCID - 0000-0001-8730-897X

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